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Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Extinguishers

We sell, rent and service a huge variety of Fire Extinguishers. All our quotes include fitting and extinguisher identification signs. Call us today for your free, no obligation survey.

Fire Alarms

We offer a range of Fire Alarm Systems and can make recommendations on the most appropriate system for your premises during your fire risk assessment. Some of our most popular verities include:
- Conventional Fire Alarm System
- Addressable Fire Alarm System
- Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System

Fire Suppression System

The owner of the kitchen is responsible for evaluating risk and taking the necessary actions to effectively prevent and protect kitchen appliances in the event of a fire. A SEVO Black Diamond System is an investment of less than 5% of all the kitchen equipment. In the event of a fire, the Black Diamond system will minimize losses and limit kitchen downtime.
A Black Diamond system can fit inside any industrial kitchen. Our improved technology reduces the amount of equipment required, which makes installation simpler and keeps costs lower.

Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting provides mains powered and battery-operated lighting that is specifically designed to illuminate during an emergency situation or indeed any situation where the power fails. It is a requirement for the majority of publically-accessible buildings, including retail premises, leisure facilities, offices, schools and colleges, as well as for multi-occupancy residential premises, such as high rise flats.

For additional information on our fire safety equipment, get in contact with B Safe Group today.